Families, Loved Ones, LGBTQ+

Uniting Families and Protecting Futures

• Family Sponsorship

• Removal of Conditions on Green Cards

• Waivers for – Unlawful Presence, Misrepresentations/Fraud, Crimes

At RelisLaw, we diligently assist clients and their families in all matters related to visiting, working, or immigrating to the U.S.

When you come to our office for help with a family-based immigration matter, you will be welcomed, educated on your options, and empowered to make the right decisions. To learn more about our family reunification practice, contact us.

Tamara Relis and her team will guide you through every step of this process, from advising you on your eligibility for family-based immigration to helping you or your loved one apply for U.S. citizenship. Seeing families united and settled here is one of the most rewarding aspects of our practice.

Families and Loved Ones

Coming from different parts of the globe, we at RelisLaw understand how difficult it is when families are separated. As such, we provide personalized and compassionate assistance during this life-changing process.

If you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident (green card holder), RelisLaw can help you petition for foreign-born family members. Our family reunification practice covers:

  • Fiancé petitions (K-1 visas)
  • Petitions for family members of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents
  • Consular processing of petitions for relatives outside the U.S.
  • Marriage interviews
  • Adjustment of status (green card) applications
LGBTQ+ Immigration

Although the Defense of Marriage Act is no more, LGBTQ+ couples continue to struggle with immigration matters, especially when it comes to securing fiancé visas. At RelisLaw, we are passionate about human rights and helping LGBTQ+ couples resolve complex immigration matters, from basic green card challenges to complicated visa applications. If your partner is not a resident or U.S. citizen, let us help you secure their right to be here to build a future together.

“The moment my boyfriend and I knew that we were meant to be (the forever kind) and that marriage was going to happen, we could not help but stress a little over the fact that he was living the US and I was living in Canada. How was this going to work? We reached out to RelisLaw with our questions, and within a day we felt the ease and support from Dr. Relis and her team. What started out as a Skype session designed to meet my fiancé and I, meet Dr. Relis, and unload all of the questions we had complied regarding our rights, our concerns, the road ahead, the possible hurdles, and eventually the outcome of my love and I being able to live in the same country – building the life we knew we deserved the moment he and I met each other.
Dr. Relis listened to everything, and then shared her knowledge and experience with us, in a step by step flow that was easy to follow and left us nothing but confidence. I liked the fact that if all of a sudden a thought or concern popped up in my head, I could take a moment – send RelisLaw an email and let it go until the reply came through, explaining everything in full detail. It seems as through there wasn’t a question that couldn’t be answered, a scenario that couldn’t be resolved and most importantly we were always reassured that the love my fiancé and I have for each other has a right to exist and we have our right to be married.”

-Lawrence W.

Waivers for Entering Without Inspection, Unlawful Presence, Misrepresentations/Fraud or Crimes

At RelisLaw we take difficult cases and work to reduce the damage your unlawful presence, convictions or misrepresentations for any immigration benefit have caused.

This includes highly thorough, in depth preparation for the most convincing case possible for you to obtain a discretionary waiver (a pardon), where large amounts of evidence must be prepared.

At RelisLaw, we can help you overcome immigration and naturalization challenges. To discuss your options when past mistakes threaten you or your family member’s presence in the U.S., please contact us .