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Dr. Tamara Relis and her team at RelisLaw PLLC have been making a difference in the lives of immigrants and their families for several years. Below are comments from lawyers and some of the many clients we have been privileged to help.

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Excellent service.very helpfull completion of process.very friendly and polite service. Would recommend to anyone needing this process.

This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, responsiveness, value, and punctuality.

Fabiana M.

RelisLaw is the best. They are knowledgeable and care about your case. They always respond to my questions promptly which gives me peace of mind. Thank you Dr. Relis, Coby and Marie!

This customer rated you highly for work quality, responsiveness, and punctuality.

Li W.

Dr. Tamara and the whole Relis Law office always makes my life easier. I was only given a month to stay when I got here and I was so worried because didn’t know what to do but Dr. Tamara and her team guided me and helped me get my extension of stay application approved.
I continued working with them not just because they’re great at what they do but because I felt that they really care about me and my case.
Next we submitted a student visa. It took more than a year just waiting for USCIS but Dr. Tamara and the office never failed to keep me posted regarding the progress of our application. They’re also always on top of our deadlines and of the things to do to keep my status.
Now I’m already attending school thanks to them. They made everything possible for me and I’m sure they can do the same for you too.
They’re the best in US immigration laws that’s why I will continue working with them because I’m very confident that they can help me get an approval for the next type of visa that I’m working on.

AGYAGI Neotribal

Coby was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the whole process, he personally cared about our case. We are definitely glad that we chose RelisLaw to represent us, they were very supportive and knowledgeable.

This customer rated you highly for responsiveness.

Sapna P.

Thank you for your help! We were more prepared for our marriage interview with your assistance.

Lindy Marriage Interview

Thank you very much all members of Relis Law PLLC who Worked with my file or petition and made my life smooth and relax by getting a Permanent Resident! I want to take several names as Dr. Tamara Relis is really awesome, Coby is great and Marie who I connected with especially I had a connection with Dr. Tamara and Coby all the time whenever I needed. Thank you very much Coby and sorry for late reply! I’ll never forget you people especially you and Dr. Relis are really very nice persons besides, I believe they all are nice people that’s why they are with Dr. Relis.

Thank you very much once again to all you people who are with Dr. Relis working for general people to getting a legal help.

Best Regards

ShameemFamily Case

Dr. Relis has helped me throughout my process of applying for my EB-2 NIW visa. The service was overall excellent as she has always answered my questions when needed and I always got taken care of. I felt like throughout the process of the application, I made a personal connection with her, as she really showed interest in my topic for the petition and walked me through every step how to get the application stronger. Not only was I provided excellent knowledge and advice about the law, but also have I always been updated on changes. I am very happy that I chose RelisLaw ,as Dr. Relis is a very talented, smart and courageous lawyer that helped me not to only stay strong through my process but also helped me to get my petition better and better. She explained every point specifically, so I understood and she took her time to make sure that I fully understood the topic we were talking about. All in All, I can highly recommend Dr. Relis to be your immigration lawyer, as she does her best to help you with your petition and works with you on a personal level.

Joana F.EB-2

I highly recommend Dr. Tamara for immigration service, particularly if you are looking to EB1. Dr. Tamara and her team are very supportive and friendly and help me like a family. Dr. Tamara has great knowledge and very professional about immigration law and my experience so far is great. I know what I need to do and after that, her team took care the rest of it. My situation of EB1 is still ongoing but I highly recommend Dr. Tarama, at least one consultation with her and you won’t regret!

Aki I.EB1

Thank you very much for all the work, time and support you invested in our case, without any doubt of, not having worked together we would not have achieved such an important result. My deepest thanks and respect to you, Dr. Relis and all your team of collaborators involved in our case.

Fabiana and Todd

My experience with Tamara was completely great. I had a really tight deadline and I needed to change my status quickly. As soon as Tamara knew this she was able to do everything extremely fast in a very seamless way. She is very knowledgeable of everything we needed to apply for my application and guided me throughout the entire process, which was very helpful. If necessary, I would use Tamara’s services again!

Adrian M.

An excellent lawyer who treats clients with patience, care, understanding, and utmost professionalism – an even better person and I wholeheartedly recommend for future services.

Rahul Aggarwal, Esq.Real estate Attorney

I endorse this lawyer.’. Tamara Relis is a very hard working attorney who will not rest until she has completed the work necessary for a case… When I asked her to cover a case for me she did an excellent job and I would recommend her for any type of work that you need. I have worked with many attorneys during my career and I don’t know anyone who spends as much time preparing as Tamara. Anyone who hires Tamara Relis should feel confident that they are getting their money’s worth.

Jason Baxter, Esq.Attorney

Tamara Relis is the right kind of attorney – An attorney that cares about her clients and focuses thoroughly on their cases and their needs. She is detail-oriented as well as conscientious. I recommend Dr Relis for any client that is looking for a smooth, happy and successful relationship with an attorney.

Aseel Zimmo, Esq.NY Attorney, MPhil/PhD Law

Dr. Tamara Relis has been a godsend…boundless energy and passion charismatic conscientiousness…helping…clients…Her research and legal drafting…helped…zealously represent our…clients…Her…empathy and consideration for…clients…made great positive difference.

Tenzin Wangyal, Esq.Law Offices of Tenzin Wangyal, New York, NY

Legal scholarship requires an special attention to detail. Dr. Rellis is a noted legal scholar and is an established authority in the fields of asylum and immigration law. I highly recommend her. Bonnie Spiro Schinagle, Esq.

Bonnie Schinagle, Esq.Education Attorney

Tamara is extremely knowledgeable in immigration law! She takes her time with every case and/or client to provide the very best counsel! If you want a lawyer who invests her best time and effort in your case, Tamara is who! I certainly endorse this lawyer.

Ral Obioha, Esq.Immigration Attorney

Ms. Relis is a top-notch immigration attorney. A zealous advocate for her clients and highly respected in the legal community.

Somair Alam, Esq.Immigration Attorney

I endorse this lawyer. Dr. Relis is an extremely courteous colleague. She is well known in the community. She works hard for her clients and provides excellent service.

Racquel Cousins, Esq.Family Attorney

Her research skills are excellent. She is a very conscientious worker…very trustworthy, organized and personable. I would highly recommend her…

Monica Whyte, Esq.Plowden Buildings Barristers Chambers, London EC4

I would rate my overall experience with Tamara and the Relis team as excellent. I felt that Tamara made a personal connection with us from the very first consultation we had with her. I had initial consults with multiple lawyers but I felt that Tamara really cared about our situation. This reason along with her decades of experience working with immigration and high ratings from various sites were the deciding factors for our decision to go with Relis Law. I was provided with excellent advice throughout the multiple stages that led to the success of my husbands status change in the U.S. She always answered our questions and has hours available for us. It really was helpful with completing the initial application and everything else. Tamara really cares and worked hard for our success. Highly recommend!

Corrie S.Family Immigration Petition & Marriage Interview Support

Dr Relis and her team have been invaluable in my journey to apply for a green card from my H1B status. Since the moment we met, she showed interest in my case and special circumstances and was very responsive to my (many) questions along the way. Dr Relis and several people from her office have always made an effort to provide me with the best answer to my questions and proved to be on top of the latest changes in the law, which was very reassuring. They made the application process seamless and helped make my life easier and relieve my concerns. I really appreciated their attention to detail and quality of work throughout.

Thank you again for all of your help and for coming to the interview…and I really appreciate all of the work that you, Coby, and the firm has done for us. We are very excited to move on to the next part in our lives finally!

Irina C.H-1b transition to Immigrant Petition

Dr. Relis is very personable as well as knowledgeable! She’s an extremely competent Immigration Attorney whose professional & caring & will assist in every aspect of your case. I highly recommend her!!

Maria L.Derivative Citizenship Matter

Me and my family cannot thank you enough for helping us in this difficult time.

Asha A.Medical Treatment Visa Petition 2018

5 STARS. My experience was Great. Tamara’s Services are Top Quality. I would recommend her to anyone that have immigration problems to fix.

Tamara made a personal connection with us. She is an amazing person that understood our situation and helped out to solve it. From the first day when we met Tamara we knew she is a nice person and we decided to go ahead and work with her. What I liked is that we felt protected. She definitely has knowledge of the laws and rules. Tamara explained very clearly from the first meeting what are our options and what the laws are. She provided us with good advice. The quality of her work and RelisLaw team is excellent.

Mr. Ion P.Green Card, Work Permit & Immigration Papers

You and your team have provided excellent work and been very reassuring at the same time which I have truly appreciated.

Nikisha Y.Citizenship, Naturalization

5 STARS. I got answers to all my questions. It is very nice to have quick response on my mails and have opportunity to check details online. Big help with all documentation (i’m not sure i could fill in the blanks by myself correctly)

This customer rated you highly for responsiveness, professionalism, and work quality.

Elena M.Family Petition

5 STARS.    I could appreciate the knowledgeability and dedication to helping clients receive a fair and just result that was apparent upon our initial meeting to discuss our case – obtaining a finance visa. I like the online system they have in place that helps people organize the materials they need to collect, which they then submit to the USCIS. An initial survey we completed seemed to have a few hiccups and a little confusing in some areas; Perhaps these have been ironed out since. Our application has been submitted and we are now awaiting the response from USCIS. And very glad to know that Dr. Relis will continue to support if needed.

This customer rated you highly for work quality, professionalism, and responsiveness.

David M.Fiance Visa

5 STARS. Great support in my case. Regardless of very long processing time they stay very responsive. Clear answers to my questions. Highly recommended.

Andrey K.Spousal Sponsorship & Adjustment of Status

​Hi Tamara just to said thanks a lot we received Manuel’s permanent card yesterday   One millions thanks 😊😊❤️❤️❤️

Mrs. GPast Visa Overstay & Voluntary Removal

Tamara is my lawyer helping me process my EB-2 visa and honestly she has been invaluable!

Ms. CFEB2-National Interest Waiver Visa for Green Card

We found that your consultation was excellent and straight to the point and most importantly trust worthy.

Kaylene P.Visa Strategy client

5 STARS – AWARDED ASYLUM CASE – Dr. Relis and her team were very knowledgeable and thorough in their work which I believe was key to the successful result that we were able to achieve. They were available to answer our questions and guide us through the process when needed and always returned our phone calls.

Mr. Marcel VAwarded Asylum Case

5 ***** I would like to extend a warm thank you to Dr Tamara Relis and RelisLaw Firm for the magnificent job they did helping me win my case. Dr Relis went above and beyond for me. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, personable, and very reliable. If I had a question or concern I would email her and get a response immediately. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr Tamara Relis and RelisLaw. I would definitely recommend this law firm to everyone!

Dr. Jimena R.Family & Naturalization

5*  This customer rated you highly for professionalism, value, and work quality.  Dr. Relis is pleasant to work with. There have been no surprises with and she is reliable. Our case has has taken quit a long time processing but Dr. Relis has remained responsive throughout our wait time.

Gerson E.Immigrant Visa

5 STARS!    Dr.Tamara and Coby have been very helpful in helping me with the B2 visa processing. She’s a compassionate person with great knowledge in immigration law. Prompt in response and truly cares about your case. I can comfortably trust her service to complete my goals.    

S.W.B2 visa change of status / extension of status for H-1B visa August 2018

5 STARS!  One of the few honest immigration lawyer on Thumbtack.

Bah M.This customer rated RelisLaw highly for professionalism, responsiveness, and punctuality.

5 STARS! Dr. Relis demonstrates strong experience and knowledge in working with USCIS. Our case had been pending for over a year and a half and after a few calls to senior USCIS officials from Dr. Relis (that individuals cannot access), we had our interview scheduled within 2 months and my wife now has her green card. Thank you Dr. Relis!

D. ChingMarriage Interview Difficulties

Dr Tamara is a great immigration lawyer that has helped me through the entire process of obtaining a visa for stay in the US. Since our initial consultation,

she was clear with all the steps of my visa application and has been patient and informative with all my questions regarding this process. She is very experienced in immigration and has given me guidance every step of the waywith my application. I highly recommend her to others looking for a professional to oversee any sort of legal proceedings with immigration law.

Jef QuintanoExtention of Status and O-1 Visa

Dr. Relis and her team are wonderful! They are knowledgeable, passionate about what they do and compassionate. They have guided us and made us feel optimistic about our immigration process. It is a pleasure to work with them and would highly recommend anyone in need of immigration services to give them a call.

Elsie B.Removal Defense, Court Representation and Spousal Sponsorship

5 stars. My experience with Relislaw was really good. Tamara and her team made me feel very comfortable. My English was not perfect and they were very patient, always taking their time to explain everything to me so I could fully understand. She is that kind of person that loves her job and dedicates her time to it. My case was successfully approved! Thank you for everything..

PatriciaO-1 Visa