Creatives & Artists

Broadening Your Creative Horizons

At RelisLaw, we help performing and visual artists, directors, dancers, musicians, models, photographers, videographers, athletes, designers, and entertainers obtain visas for work, sports, and arts events.

As a former artist and member of Actors’ Equity, Dr. Tamara Relis understands artists’ perspectives and experiences within the visa and travel process.

As a client, you will receive quality and trustworthy representation, as well as highly personalized assistance with all your needs throughout the entire process, including your time in the U.S.

Available visas include:

  • O-visas for all those in the arts, including actors, musicians, performers, entertainers, photographers, directors, designers, models, and athletes with extraordinary ability.
  • P-1 visas for entertainment groups
  • P-2 visas for artists and entertainer exchange programs
  • P-3 for culturally unique performers
  • H-2 visas for other performers
  • EB-1 extraordinary ability visas for those in the arts, as well as others

These include not only the main creators and performers, but other essential individuals, such as directors, set designers, lighting designers, sound designers, choreographers, conductors, orchestrators, coaches, arrangers, musical supervisors, costume designers, makeup artists, fight masters and stage technicians.

The immigration team at RelisLaw works closely with accomplished and artistic foreign nationals to help them obtain working visas and permanent residence in the U.S. Our clientele includes musicians, writers, models, athletes, and other creative professionals. To schedule an appointment to discuss your immigration needs, please contact us.

“I would absolutely recommend anyone going through this journey and requiring a representation, that they seek the help of RelisLaw”

Arthur Gourounlian
Creative Director / Choreographer
O-1 Visa client

“My experience with Tamara was completely great. I had a really tight deadline and I needed to change my status quickly. As soon as Tamara knew this she was able to do everything extremely fast in a very seamless way. She is very knowledgeable of everything we needed to apply for my application and guided me throughout the entire process, which was very helpful. If necessary, I would use Tamara’s services again!”

Adrian M.

I highly recommend Dr. Tamara for immigration service, particularly if you are looking to EB1. Dr. Tamara and her team are very supportive and friendly and help me like a family. Dr. Tamara has great knowledge and very professional about immigration law and my experience so far is great. I know what I need to do and after that, her team took care the rest of it. My situation of EB1 is still ongoing but I highly recommend Dr. Tarama, at least one consultation with her and you won’t regret!

Aki I.