Overview of EB-5 Visas

If you are not a current resident of the United States, you may be looking into the available options. As an investor, there may be specific opportunities you could pursue in order to obtain permanent U.S. residency. 

One of the most popular are EB-5 visas. If you are interested in obtaining your EB-5 visa, get an experienced immigration lawyer at RelisLaw on your side. You can get started by calling our office at (917) 456-9990 to schedule your initial consultation. 

What are EB-5 Visas?

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and families who are interested in obtaining a Green Card in the United States may find that they are able to obtain permanent US residency by being approved for an EB-5 visa. Typically, people who invested a minimum of $900,000 in the United States would be eligible for an EB-5 visa. 

But a temporary June 2021 federal ruling has reduced that amount to a mere $500,000. Individuals who are ready to go after their EB-5 visa should take actions to do so now while the federal ruling is still in place. But getting your EB-5 visa application approved may be more costly and take longer than you might have expected. 

Costs of EB-5 Visas

If you are interested in obtaining an EB-5 visa, you need to be prepared for the costs. To qualify, you will need a minimum investment of $900,000 (or $500,000 temporarily in 2021) if you are investing in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA). 

However, this amount will double to nearly $2,000,000 (or $1,000,000 temporarily in 2021) if you are investing outside of a TEA. TEAs are areas that are currently experiencing a minimum unemployment rate of 150 percent of the national average, or a rural area. 

Investment capital can be any tangible property, equipment, cash, or secured assets of which you are personally liable. You can expect the value of your capital to be valued in U.S. dollars at fair-market value. 

You can find out what your investment capital is worth when you contact a reputable attorney at RelisLaw. You can reach our office at (917) 456-9990 to schedule your initial case review. 

What to Do if Your EB-5 Visa Gets Delayed

It is not unusual for there to be delays in the approval of even the most deserving immigrant’s EB-5 visa application. Fortunately, there are also many solutions that aim to help you get your EB-5 visa application approved. Your attorney can assist you in filing Senatorial complaints, deal with the USCIS Ombudsman, and address any issues there may have been with your application. 

Due to the fact that so many EB-5 visa applications experience delays, it may be in your best interests to have a qualified attorney representing you prior to submitting your EB-5 visa application to ensure that the application is complete and to preemptively prepare for any delays that may arise. 

Are you ready to get started on your EB-5 visa application? Get help from an experienced immigration attorney at RelisLaw. Fill out our online contact form or call our office at (917) 456-9990 to get started on your case today.

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