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Dr. Tamara Relis and her team at RelisLaw PLLC have been making a difference in the lives of immigrants and their families for several years. Below are comments from lawyers and some of the many clients we have been privileged to help.

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You and your firm know the laws and provided me with good advice. You made a personal connection with me, and you and your team were always there for me, always supportive, always calling me back. I feel you cared about me and my situation. You helped me by taking away most of the stress I would have dealt with on my own. I feel safe with you. It was nice working with you, many thanks.

CamilleHumanitarian Parole

5 stars for Marvelous Assistance. Thanks very much for  your marvelous assistance, in helping me promptly with my case. I was very pleased with the way you and your staff acknowledged my case and dealt with it as a matter of urgency. I would recommend the firm to any individual who needs urgent assistance.   


My experience has been excellent. Dr. Tamara had been so helpful, honest and kind to find solutions for my problems. She really personally cared to resolve my issue, with a kind and professional attitude to make me feel relaxed. I have never experienced such a careful, to the point, and responsible behavior and service from any law company in the past. She has great knowledge of the laws and solved my problem in no time. She works on every minute detail of the case to resolve the problem. She really cares for her clients. Dr. Tamara is a noble, gentle woman, a kind and lovely human being. If someone leaves their case to Dr. Tamara and her firm, they can be relaxed and can sleep without any stress or worries. I will be happy to recommend my friends to go to Dr. Tamara whenever they need any law related advice of any kind.

Mohammed F.Immigrant Visa and travel

Tamara did marvelous work with my immigration matter, she was very supportive and was available to speak to all the time. I would recommend her at anytime. Hired attorney.

AnonymousGreen Card process

5 stars.Great Service. I would like.to comment on the service that Dr.Tamara Relis and her staff provided.The service was.great, being responsive to.all my calls and emails as well. Also I would like to add Coby was a asset to helping my fiancé and I to finish this application as soon as possible, Thank you John.

JohnFiancé & Spousal Visa Petition

Absolutely love how much knowledge Dr Relis and her staff have and how comfortable they have made us feel. We are so much more at ease and have a better understanding of our situation and what to expect. We don’t feel alone in this. Dr. Relis is very responsive and we would recommend to all need of an immigration attorney.

Sergio BRemoval Court Proceedings

Thank you! Dr. Tamara Relis and her team went above and beyond to help me with my fiancée visa application process. Dr. Relis is proactive, dependable, excellent customer service, (I was treated like family) Dr. Tamara will always return my calls and emails. I am very excited I chose Relis law !

GloriaFiancé & Spousal Visa Petition

My name is Arthur Gourounlian and I am a Creative Director / Choreographer based in London but travel around the world with my work. An opportunity came up for me to work with an amazing American Agent and base myself in the USA. I reached out to Dr Tamara Relis from RelisLaw PLLC to make this a reality and help me with my O-1 Visa application as a Creative Director / Choreographer and Artistic Director.

I found Dr Tamara Relis so easy to work with from her fresh approach, her understanding, and her impressive knowledge of the subject matter. She’s also a great listener and was there for me anytime I was confused or needed guidance. In fact, I would say I have made a new friend. 

Some may say that applying for the O-1 Visa can be an expensive process but I think it’s relevant to your chosen career and with the amount of work Dr Tamara Relis and her team have put into my application I found every penny well spent.

At the start of this process I had little knowledge and no understanding whatsoever of what was required for my O-1 Visa application so without Dr Tamara Relis help and her immense knowledge I would have been lost and my American dream may not have become a reality. 

I would absolutely recommend anyone going through this journey and requiring a representation that they seek the help of RelisLaw PLLC.


Arthur GourounlianO-1 Visa

Five stars! It as easy with Relis and Dr Tamara knows her job

SantoshFamily Sponsorship

I had great experience with Dr. Tamara Relis. Tamara was vary caring about my issue, and she treated me like one of her family member. She tried to help me as much as she can. I like how she patient and that she has good knowledge of asylum cases.I got great advice during my time working with her.This firm done good job preparing for my asylum petition. Very professional I highly recommend them

Omaymah A.Asylum

Dr Relis and her team is beyond phenomenal, went in with a difficult immigration situation and so far everything is turning out in a positive direction I couldn’t have asked for a better team to represent me.

Lamoy R.Complex Naturalization

Dr. Relis is very informative & supportive. I recently consulted my case with her. She came really prepared and explained me the situations/options in details. She was also clear about what’s next and what I should find more support information to make a decision to pursue.

Nat T.Visa & Immigration Consultation

Went above and beyond what they are required to do as the firm isn’t bleeding every last dollar out of me and are doing things gratis in order to save me money. Exceeds my expectations doing what ever she can to keep my costs at a minimum unlike the other cruel heartless usual blood sucking lawyers

Jeff L.Immediate Relative Sponsorship

Million thanks for her support! I won my case and this is affect a lot for my current life and for my future. I recommended her all of my friends and I definitely recommend for anyone!


Dr Relis has helped us a lot. She was really clear about details and supported us after the filing as well. I am looking forward for her continuous support, until my case is completed. There is no surprises on the fee either, unlike a lot of big practices, she did not charge us hourly fees, or changed her rate during the case all of sudden. We were really happy about her service and I have already recommended her to a mutual friend.

Dorothy M.Family Sponsorship

It was a great experience to work with the RelisLaw and with Tamara. Finally, I have found a reliable lawyer who took me and my case seriously. Unfortunately, before I contacted with her I had to experience how hard is to find a reliable attorney who is willing to do something. I wasted my time with 2 others and when I called her, I was in the last minute in front of a court hearing. I told her, this is an urgent case and I have no more time to waste. I hired her, and she was absolutely on it to provide everything what I needed. In addition, I could contact with her on phone as many times as I needed and she was ready to answer my questions. She was very informed from the first time and supplied with trustworthy informations.

ArankaCriminal conviction effects on immigration

My experience with RelisLaw. In my recent interaction with Dr. Relis, requesting advice on US immigration Visa process, one immediately feels a personal connection with Dr. Relis and her team. Her approach was open, warm and full of good advice. No question went unanswered. Her clear manner of communication along with obvious knowledge of the laws and rules, provided me with 100% satisfaction. The fairness of price, quality of their work and more importantly, Dr. Relis’ human touch has definitely paved the way for a more secure future. I would highly recommend Dr. Relis and her company to anyone requiring Immigration Assistance.

Vanessa S.Visa & Immigration consultation

Tamara thanks a lot…You are the best . Thanks a lot. We are so happy the way you worked with us. Thanks a lot.

GabrielaComplex Family Sponsorship

We are very happy with you work you guys treat us as a family thanks a lot for everything you are great and of course we are telling ours freinds about how you treat us with professionalism courtesy and respect thanks again and of course we’ll keep in touch 😊


Reliable and Professional Attorney

Dr. Tamara Relis has been a pleasure to work with. She is caring, has quick response time and submitted my visa without wasting any time. Her deep knowledge of immigration law has really helped me and my file was expedited as a result. I highly recommend Dr. Relis!

Kimberly M.L-2 Visa for Senior Executive, Manager

Hire this Attorney! She has fair prices, really cares, and does excellent work!

I rate the experience as Great. It was a pleasant experience. I felt like Attorney Relis understood the seriousness of the matter and treated it as such. 

I felt like you truly cared about the case and that you took the best approach along with the investigation that you did to provide the best possible advice. Even after she fulfilled her agreement she took time to reach out again to reiterate what she has instructed to ensure I understood and also to give some uplifting words as she knew my family and I were going through a tough time. 

Thanks again Attorney Relis!!! I would recommend RelisLaw to anyone with immigration issues.

Marie S.Criminal convictions, Detention, Deportation

Dr.Tamara Relis is a joy to speak with. I was impressed with her professionalism from the start. I sought a phone consultation with her and she was prompt calling me back, answering all the question – basic and not so basic ones. Dr.Tamara Relis takes an extremely stressful process and makes you feel completely at ease. 

I highly highly recommend Dr.Tamara Relis

Angelo Z.Visa & Immigration Consultation

My overall experience with Dr. Tamara Relis and RelisLaw PLLC was great!

They assisted me on each step of the green card renewal process and I felt they were really taken good care of me.The entire process is online, you can submit all of the evidences/documents by email and an online portal that helps in speeding the entire application process. We all have busy life and the fact that everything was done online was really helpful!! 

Dr. Tamara Relis has been lovely and really helpful, she has been there (and still here) anytime I needed her, even during the weekends. It was really easy to communicate both via email and calls with Dr. Tamara and the team at the RelisLaw Office (Coby in the office was a great help too!). I do believe Dr. Tamara gave me the best advices and I know she will be there for any future legal advice I will need. I have had other lawyers in the past few years, and I have always felt they looked at my case only like “another short term transaction”. With Dr. Tamara, on the contrary, I perceived that she will follow me during the entire process (that can be really lengthy) giving me updates in the upcoming months and she will help me in the future if I will need legal advice again.

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the updates and timelines/deadlines of the USCIS, and I know that Dr. Tamara will give me updates when there will be in the upcoming months. And this is definitely a great help!

Eleonora P.Removal of Conditions on Green Card

I requested Dr. Relis’s help to handle my H-1B application. Overall experience with her and her team was amazing. My first meeting with Dr. Relis went very well, she showed that she had experience, seem to me that she loves what she does and she cared about my situation. Dr. Relis reached out to me and gave me advice on the necessary steps while the office handled the paperwork. Her team were quick with their response to my questions and they let me know what I needed to do. The documents they prepared was neat and professional. Given another opportunity, I will be sure to work with Dr. Relis and her team. I highly recommend her.

Shujit R.H-1B Visa application

My experience with RelisLaw was GREAT! I worked on 3 files with Dr. Relis, each one was handled with professionalism and grace. I appreciated the quick response time and that when I talk to Dr. Relis she is very approachable and speaks in “my language”.  I like the humane approach. I feel like Dr. Relis really cared about my cases and the advice was very practical.

Lou GL-1 Visa for Senior Executive, Manager & Business Contracts work, Repeat Client

I would rate my experience overall as Great. They were very hands on with my case, extremely helpful and available to talk or answer any questions 24/7. I appreciated the time and effort Tamara put in with me, even late at night willing to have phone calls or emails to get my application done as quickly and efficiently as possible. They made me feel welcome and important, I didn’t feel like my case was pushed aside ever, I really like how they make everyone feel like a priority. Tamara was great at reassuring me with any concerns I may have had and made me feel confident in a positive outcome. I could tell they were all routing for me to get the approval I desired and they made a stressful situation easier for me.

Hannah CleeveO1 Visa

My overall experience is great. I met with a lawyer who respects the client and the client’s case. You are time honoring, and respect your promises. I read complaints about some lawyers in the internet who didn’t keep their promises after getting the fees, and kept on asking for extra fees. Especially some lawyers didn’t submit the case on time. In addition, you have better knowledge in law than me, and how to reference my true resources for a positive case result.


I rate my experience with Relislaw PLLC as ‘Great’. My experience with RelisLaw was overall courteous and professional. Working with Dr. Tamara Relis was a rewarding and educational experience. Both my spouse and I gained invaluable insight on the whole immigration process and we were able to build a strong case for our marriage proposal. The application process, along with the information about it, was processed in a timely manner. I would recommend RelisLaw especially if one is needing a specialist in immigration law.

Dustin KFamily sponsorship Green Card

5 Stars! I have talked to several lawyers before consulting Tamara and with great clarity, she gave me the most realistic consultation. When my documents are getting more proving, I’ll definitely consider her as my lawyer. Based just on our brief talk, I believe Tamara is a fierce, hard-working attorney who would do anything in her capacity to make sure the success of your case. Without a client-attorney relationship established, Tamara with no hesitation has already given to me her best advice to improve my situation. This is giving me great motivation and targets to work for, putting down disappointment of my current status.

If she is keeping this enthusiasm to every of her clients, I don’t know the next time we talk, she still has time for my case. 🙂

LanAnh Truc LeConsulted Visas & Immigration

5 Stars! So kind and supportive!

Dr.Tamara really so supportive and considered my case as her case, she is really honest and support a lot.

Anonymous Client review - AVVO

Tamara has an astute legal mind and possesses a degree of integrity of the highest order.

Edwin Rekosh, Esq.Executive Director, Public Interest Law Initiative, Columbia University Law School

Keen and hardworking…always very willing to help in any matters…In litigation…she always provided enthusiastic and thoroughly researched work.

Peter Leathem, Esq.Head Of Litigation, GSC Solicitors, London, EC1

In her…court cases…Tamara is both exceptionally hardworking and intelligent. She is also very caring of her clients…She is well liked…I would highly recommend Tamara.

Kerry Cox, Esq.Plowden Buildings Barristers Chambers, London EC4

Tamara is an exceptionally able lawyer…She is meticulous in her preparation and fluent in her argument…time and again demonstrating her skill at locating the most esoteric of cases…Her advocacy and ‘client care’ have invariably been excellent…She has a warm and attractive personality and the happy knack of placing people at their ease.

Holly Pelham, Esq.Plowden Buildings Barristers Chambers, London EC4

5 Stars! My lawyer was excellent in making sure I had the best case possible. She made sure that I had done absolutely everything possible so that there was nothing left that the government could possibly ask for. She was honest with what would and what wouldn’t work. The only improvement I would make is in terms of email instructions. I found it overwhelming and difficult at times to understand what I was being asked to do and needed it to be explained in more detail and more clear instructions.


The price is really fair and Tamara is very professional. She understood faster my situation, and she is really pro active. I have been surprised by her performance. Also the court told me my lawyer prepared an excellent case. Today for USA, I will only use her services for US Immigration, no doubt! Tamara, is a great professional and she explains to you the things clearly and precisely. She performs as nobody in the US Visa field. Moreover, she has a great heart. She knows how to advise you in order to build the right decision for your case and to protect you. Sincerely I have been impressed by the quality of her work and her result. It’s obvious, she is a master Lawyer for US Visa. Tamara thank you for every thing. I will never forget; you won my heart forever.

Jean Philippe GrangeBusiness Visa