AGYAGI Neotribal

Dr. Tamara and the whole Relis Law office always makes my life easier. I was only given a month to stay when I got here and I was so worried because didn’t know what to do but Dr. Tamara and her team guided me and helped me get my extension of stay application approved.
I continued working with them not just because they’re great at what they do but because I felt that they really care about me and my case.
Next we submitted a student visa. It took more than a year just waiting for USCIS but Dr. Tamara and the office never failed to keep me posted regarding the progress of our application. They’re also always on top of our deadlines and of the things to do to keep my status.
Now I’m already attending school thanks to them. They made everything possible for me and I’m sure they can do the same for you too.
They’re the best in US immigration laws that’s why I will continue working with them because I’m very confident that they can help me get an approval for the next type of visa that I’m working on.

AGYAGI NeotribalApplication to Extend-Change Non Immigrant Status