Arthur Gourounlian

My name is Arthur Gourounlian and I am a Creative Director / Choreographer based in London but travel around the world with my work. An opportunity came up for me to work with an amazing American Agent and base myself in the USA. I reached out to Dr Tamara Relis from RelisLaw PLLC to make this a reality and help me with my O-1 Visa application as a Creative Director / Choreographer and Artistic Director.

I found Dr Tamara Relis so easy to work with from her fresh approach, her understanding, and her impressive knowledge of the subject matter. She’s also a great listener and was there for me anytime I was confused or needed guidance. In fact, I would say I have made a new friend. 

Some may say that applying for the O-1 Visa can be an expensive process but I think it’s relevant to your chosen career and with the amount of work Dr Tamara Relis and her team have put into my application I found every penny well spent.

At the start of this process I had little knowledge and no understanding whatsoever of what was required for my O-1 Visa application so without Dr Tamara Relis help and her immense knowledge I would have been lost and my American dream may not have become a reality. 

I would absolutely recommend anyone going through this journey and requiring a representation that they seek the help of RelisLaw PLLC.

Arthur GourounlianO-1 Visa