Eleonora P.

My overall experience with Dr. Tamara Relis and RelisLaw PLLC was great!

They assisted me on each step of the green card renewal process and I felt they were really taken good care of me.The entire process is online, you can submit all of the evidences/documents by email and an online portal that helps in speeding the entire application process. We all have busy life and the fact that everything was done online was really helpful!! 

Dr. Tamara Relis has been lovely and really helpful, she has been there (and still here) anytime I needed her, even during the weekends. It was really easy to communicate both via email and calls with Dr. Tamara and the team at the RelisLaw Office (Coby in the office was a great help too!). I do believe Dr. Tamara gave me the best advices and I know she will be there for any future legal advice I will need. I have had other lawyers in the past few years, and I have always felt they looked at my case only like “another short term transaction”. With Dr. Tamara, on the contrary, I perceived that she will follow me during the entire process (that can be really lengthy) giving me updates in the upcoming months and she will help me in the future if I will need legal advice again.

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with the updates and timelines/deadlines of the USCIS, and I know that Dr. Tamara will give me updates when there will be in the upcoming months. And this is definitely a great help!

Eleonora P.Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence