Grace Ancheta

My former lawyers neglected to file the petition to freeze the age of my children when they were still below 18 years old (now, over aged) and made the situation worse, for not filing the ‘follow to join petition’ within a year when I got my green card. I had consulted 5 lawyers, some well-known with good reputations: a professor; a silver awardee at that (had overweening attitude); some immigration state prosecutors but, none, had given me the assurance that there was a possible resolution to my dilemma. One lawyer even stated that, “there is no such thing as compassionate consideration in the immigration.” This gave me years of guilty feelings on not finding the ‘RIGHT’ lawyer for my children’s petition. Prayers were the only thing that gave me hope that the ‘RIGHT’ lawyer will come. As I searched through the internet, Atty Tamara Relis, PhD responded that she can help me with my problem. She and the rest of the Relis Law, especially Marie and Coby have great work ethics: prompt in responding to raised issues, diligent, detail-oriented, broadminded, humble and honest. Endowed with all of these traits, with extended patience and much-required skills, Dr Tamara, in collaboration with her associates, made an unfeasible case turned into a remarkable resolution on my children’s case. Words were not enough to return such an excellent accomplishment! Though, my children aren’t here yet, we are eternally grateful for your help. We will never forget this.Prayers worked miracle. Kudos to all of you! God bless us all! For those, who are in limbo on their immigration matters, seek 1st the guidance and expertise of the Relis Law. They are committed to bring their very best.

Grace AnchetaComplex case of follow to join