You May Be Eligible for a T-1 Visa, Regardless of Your Current Immigration Status

For anyone who has faced coercion in their work, the T-1 visa for victims of human trafficking may be able to provide both protection from harmful employers and safe harbor in the United States. Because abuse in the workplace is a frequent issue for non-citizens, this visa was created to provide protection to those who face difficulties in their work due to their citizenship status. 

The T-1 visa is available regardless of your current immigration status. Whether you’re currently in the U.S. on a temporary visa or have no legal immigration status at all, we can help. Coercive labor practices include the use of threats, misrepresentation, or your immigrant status to abuse your position as an employee. If your employer has made you work in other circumstances than expected, forced you to pay for your work visa, or otherwise taken advantage of your employment, you may be eligible for the T-1 visa. 

Other important requirements for this visa are that you can demonstrate that you would experience extreme hardship if you were removed from the U.S. This can include any danger that you or your family would face, an unstable environment in your home country, or any other reason that you feel it would be unsafe to return.

The T-1 visa also requires that you are helpful to authorities in matters that concern the coercion you experienced in your work, such as providing information about your working situation and your entry to the United States.

After receiving a T-1 visa, you will be able to remain in the U.S. for up to 4 years. Your loved ones may also be able to receive T nonimmigrant status so that they can also lawfully come into the United States. These visas also provide the possibility of providing lawful permanent resident status to those who receive them.

Working with an experienced immigration attorney is always recommended to give your application the best chance at success. If you or anyone you know is on a visa, or no visa at all, and has been a victim of coercive labor practices, made to do things because of lies, misrepresentation, or threats, made to work in other circumstances than you originally agreed to, or made to pay for your visa from overseas, contact RelisLaw at 1-800-514-4290 to schedule a consultation today. Our consultations are also available via Skype, Zoom, and other platforms.

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