Explaining Cancellation of Removal for Green Card Holders

American Green Card - United States Permanent Residency Card Closeup. Facing removal from the country, your loved ones, and your home is undoubtedly a stressful time. If you are a lawful permanent resident of the U.S. by way of a green card, a notice that you might be facing removal is quite an unwelcome shock. No matter how dire your circumstances seem, though, understand that there are always actions you can Read More

ICE Defense Part 3: The Bond Hearing

If you’re faced with possible deportation by way of an immigration trial, your number one priority will likely be getting out of the detention facility so you can see your loved ones and prepare for your defense. Similar to criminal trials, immigration courts allow detainees to initiate bond hearings so that their case may be heard for release on bond. Bond is simply money or assets you give to the courts as Read More

ICE Defense Part 2: The Merits Hearing

When you receive a Notice to Appear, you have been informed that government agents intend to proceed with deportation against you. After you receive that, the first official hearing you will attend is the Master Calendar Hearing, which is similar to an arraignment in a criminal trial. During the Master Calendar Hearing, you will communicate to the judge that you intend to mount a defense in your case. You will have Read More

ICE Defense Part 1: The Master Calendar Hearing

You’ve received a Notice to Appear. This is a serious occasion that requires the immediate assistance of an immigration attorney. If you receive a Notice to Appear, the government intends to initiate removal proceedings and send you back to your home country. Your NTA should include information on your Master Calendar Hearing. Save this information and provide it to your attorney. Preparing for the Master Calendar Read More

Investing in America: What You Need to Know About the EB-1 and EB-2 Visas

Those who choose to come to the United States by getting a job at an American company or moving to the American location of an international company, or those that wish to set up their own company that is of national interest in the U.S., may pursue EB visas. Short “employment-based” EB visas give preference to those who possess job skills and education that are likely to enrich and improve the United States. What Read More

3 Steps to Take If You Receive a Notice to Appear

You’ve received a Notice to Appear, either served in person by an immigration officer or in the mail. While this may induce some panic, it’s important to take a deep breath, read the document in its entirety, and make a plan.  Verify the Accuracy of the NTA First, try to hold off the initial wave of panic and take a thorough look at the NTA. This charging document includes information about you, the nature of the Read More

Long Distance Love: How to Bring Your Fiancé or Spouse to the United States

Love transcends boundaries and limits, something you already know if you’ve fallen in love with someone who lives in another country. As an American citizen, you can bring your fiancé or spouse to the United States by meeting all requirements, providing supplementary evidence, and filling out the necessary paperwork. While the process can be long, it is worth it when you reunite with your loved one. Options for Read More

Asylum Status Explained

Asylum is a form of legal protection provided to foreigners who can prove that they have a credible fear of being persecuted if they return to their homeland. The concept of providing a safe haven to those fleeing oppression was embraced by the United Nations in 1951. At first, this was limited to protecting the millions of Europeans affected by World War II. However, since 1967, the Refugee Convention was opened up Read More

Extraordinary Immigration: The O Visa & EB-1 Visa

Every year, the U.S. government makes a number of nonimmigrant visas available to foreigners with “extraordinary abilities” in the arts, sciences, education, business, or sports. Known as O visas, these permits have enabled a growing number of skilled and talented individuals to travel to the United States: in 2014, there were 83,000 entries while 111,516 were logged in 2017.   The O nonimmigrant classification has Read More